Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do Not Use These Bad Companies

I suggest we start a list of companies that are notorious for beating up the good guys. If you have received a demand letter that goes beyond a polite and initial Cease And Desist request, email me the details to and I'll append the list. Just send the crappy companies here and we'll keep your name and detailed info anonymous.

1. Getty Images: The Getty Images Settlement Demand Letter - The Getty Images Settlement Demand Letter is a deliberate attempt by Getty Images to deliberately intimidate and bully recipients of the letter to pay an extravagant "settlement fee" in exchange for Getty Images agreement to NOT sue the recipient. Recipients of this letter have allegedly infringed on the alleged copyrights owned by Getty Images. Google Search for this topic, without results from

2. Masterfile Corporation: The Masterfile Corporation Images Settlement Demand Letter - Masterfile Corporation has cloned the extortion scheme started by getty Images, but ramped up their aggressiveness and attitude. very much like the letter sent by Getty Images, Masterfile Corporation makes outrageous monetary demands for even trivial supposed infractions. The letters are sent with Signature Required by Federal Express to your door. They offer an extremely small time to respond with payment and compliance, else they threaten to quietly take you to court. Google Search for this topic, without results from

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