Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Is Internet Footprint Cleansing?

The Internet has become a vastly complex and varied array of information for the world to browse. Search engines and others have sought bandwidth reduction for speed and efficiency, as well as to create indexed archives for high quality searches. Some others have sought to record everything that exists Online, regardless of its duration or sensitivity. The result is an Internet Footprint, which is the content available through available Online mediums for specific entities. The result is also a problem for some.

Internet Footprint Cleansing is the process of erasing records of your content and Online impact. Why would someone want to do this? Well, it's simple and sometimes mandated. Our focus for starting this blog is to help those individuals and organizations who have been served some form of Cease And Desist letter for whatever reason. Here are some examples of who this blog applies to:

1. You received a Cease And Desist letter mandating you remove some form of Copyright Protected materials from the Internet.
2. Your materials turned out to be Copyright Protected, and you wish to avoid/prevent Copyright Infringements.
3. You discovered sensitive information has become public and wish to make it private again.
4. Your Intranet was exposed to the Extranet and you were indexed, creating a vulnerability for your organization.
5. Online content is invalid, out of date, inappropriate, or otherwise undesirable for public consumption.

Heck, this bog will apply to anyone who simply wants to get their content off the Internet for whatever reason. You don't have to be in a lawsuit to need Internet Footprint Cleansing. The caveats are that you need to prove control over the original content, as we'll discuss in this blog. If you are not in control of the exposed or released content, you are not liable. This is another discussion, which we'll get to further on. Right now, we have the issue of liability to mediate.

The Online resources that have the most impact are your own domain and web/ftp space, search engines, and archives. There are two approaches to these issues. The first is introspective, as you have content you can control such as your web and/or ftp server. The second relates to the Online mediums that you cannot directly control, but which will respond to your requests once you prove control over the original content. There are side issues we will explore as we blog, and we hope to get feedback from technical professionals and web-savvy users alike, to help everyone with a similar dilemma.

If you can contribute to our efforts, please send email to and we'll try to manage content here to maximize the general public's benefit. In case some crappy copyright manager at some company reads this blog and takes offense at this for its potential for damaging their income resulting from extortion letters, go away. This blog is for teaching the public how to effectively respond and comply with Cease And Desist requests related to Online media. Any comments, submissions, or any content otherwise included is in no way intended to infringe on another. If you have copyrighted any of this blog's content, send us your Registered Copyright documentation to the email address above and we'll respond appropriately.

Now, if this blog applies to you, read on and we hope it helps you!

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